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Neive, a small town of 3,500 inhabitants, certified as one of the most beautiful villages in Italy, is located on the northern border of the Langhe, just few kilometres away from Barbaresco town.
The conformation of the territory is very particular; the typical color that emerges from every uncultivated space is due to the peculiar composition of the soil: layers of marl and sand, formed following the raising of the seabed. This layered conformation greatly influences the wines produced in this area.
Neive… a village to discover!


The municipality of Barbaresco is a quiet and pretty village, to be visited calmly and at a slow pace to fully enjoy its medieval beauty.
This is precisely the place where one of the most prestigious and appreciated Italian wines in the world is born: Barbaresco DOCG.
The village is small, but it deserves a walk even just to visit or pass by the historic cellars of the area.


The pride of the Piedmontese province of Cuneo, the Langhe are located at the foot of the Ligurian Alps and extend to the border with Roero, Asti and Monferrato, and Alba is its capital; a city that was recognized in 2017 by the UNESCO as Creative City for Gastronomy.
It is on the right bank of the Tanaro river, surrounded by the vineyards of the Langhe and Roero, in which fine wines appreciated all over the world are produced. Truffle (both black and white) is also an important product of the surrounding area; an unmissable event in Alba is the White truffle Fair, in the autumn months.
Visiting Alba can take about a whole day, which is why a nice bicycle tour could be ideal to get to know the area around the capital of the Langhe, discovering the vineyards and hazelnut groves.
In short... the “city of the One Hundred Towers” is the beating heart of a territory, recognized and appreciated all over the world, worth visiting in any season.


Asti, the birthplace of the famous writer Vittorio Alfieri, is located between the upper and lower Monferrato on the border with the Langhe, but it is also an ancient Roman city, which invites you to walk along paths full of history, art, flavours and folklore.
A corner of Piedmont to be discovered among historical re-enactments, events, festivals.
In recent years, the Festival of the Sagre Astigiane has assumed considerable importance at a national level. Accompanied by DOCG Asti wines, in a large open-air restaurant, it is now the destination of thousands of tourists from all over Italy- and not only- every year.


Under the houses of Canelli, a Piedmontese municipality in the province of Asti certified in 2014 together with Asti spumante as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, lies another underground town made up of long tunnels: these are the so-called underground Cathedrals, very long historic cellars excavated in the tuff that cross the city for over 20 km. These places are ideal to refine Canelli wines and sparkling wines where they take on their typical aromas and flavours. The underground cathedrals of Canelli are an amazing attraction open to the public.


Castagnole delle Lanze is located in the Province of Asti, but in truth it is between the Langhe and Monferrato and therefore has always been affected by the influence of both Asti and Alba, carrying this dual territorial identity also on agricultural and above all wine productions.
In this Piedmontese village, which has always been linked to viticulture, in May has been celebrating the wine produced on the hills that reach it for many years now: the Barbera, one of the few wines that are declined for women.
The "Festa della Barbera" was created to promote the history, the agricultural economy, the traditions of the area and above all the passion for nature on the part of the inhabitants of this land, sincere, proud people eager to make known the sublime aromas of this wine.
In short, Castagnole delle Lanze is the perfect base to stay to grasp the soul of this area recognized as a Unesco World Heritage Site since 2014

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